Manufacturing Pump Parts

The Manufacturing
step by step

Basically, this process includes four stages: order and design, inventory, and checklist. After a customer places an order, the manufacturing department will go out to find raw materials and procure them. It may take some time until all the steps are completed. Nevertheless, this process is not complicated and will give you a better idea of how the pump parts are manufactured.

Order and Design

Pump part production is the process of producing a high-quality pump parts.
Once the order is placed by our customer, if pattern of the part exists, the manufacturing department starts sourcing casting from partner foundry. If pattern does not exist, our design department start designing of pattern in contact with our customer. Pattern is manufactured by our high precision cnc machines and raw cast parts are ready in the foundry after production trial and quality control.

Production Process

Production process involves machining of different pump parts in our high tech cnc machines including 5 axis CNC Milling and 3 axis Vertical Turning centers. Quality checks are done by no go gauges, micrometers and CMM. After CNC machining, cleaning & deburring operations are that are equally important as CNC operations.

Final Inspection and Pressure Test

After cleaning & deburring operations final quality check is done and pressure tests for volute casings and casing covers follow it.

Packaging and Delivery

Customer is informed and after packaging operation, dispatch is done. Due to our geographical advantage and trade, it can be found a lot of logistic companies going Europe each day and it takes 1-2 weeks delivery of our product to reach our customers.